Thursday, February 26

How I'm using what I have...

As I have stated before I retired recently. Which should give me plenty of time to paper craft and knit and quilt, etc!


I did not win the lottery and my retirement is only for a part time job. My husband's car has been in to the shop three times, oil went up a dollar a gallon just in time for a very cold winter here in the Northeast, my son and daughter-in-law had a baby who I hope to spoil and have started preparing to babysit a couple days a week. So there you have it more money out the door, not to mention the expense of having to pay my own healthcare, which went up from last year.
Luckily I used my last few paychecks to stock up on essentials.
Glue, card stocks, blades for my paper trimmer, quilt stash (tons of fabric), threads and yarn.

So since the first of the year I have bought nothing. We'll see how long that lasts.
I love to buy new stamping supplies but I can't. So I use what I have.

The following cards are samples I found on Pinterest but changed the colors and images etc. to use what I have.


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lynda said...

Wow, Arlene....these are gorgeous! I would have a hard time picking a favorite! Lovely!