Thursday, February 26

How the clear ruler cleared up my problem...

Everyone makes mistakes when creating. I'll bet even DaVinci had to repaint sections of the Sistine Chapel. So there's no reason to feel bad when you do. 
Just fix it!

It all started with the above card. The bunnies aren't equally spaced and the saying and the flags are off.
 I tried again, also cutting the flags so I could put the saying next to the bottom but it still came out uneven.

Then the ruler called. I answered. I was able to place all the flags evenly before adding the bunnies and the saying!
 And there you go!

So the next time you look at something and think,"That looks awful. Scrap that idea." Don't! Look for a way yo use the tools you have  to make good what looks bad.

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lynda said...

Love the card! Thanks for the tip ...I don't know what I would do without my clear ruler!