Thursday, February 12

The CARD IN A BOX comes again...

I just got back to my computer...WOW it's been a long time.
So much has happened since I last posted.
 I have retired from my library job and become a Grandma! 
One would think that would give me more to post but I have been quilting and touching base with friends and so many things.
Tonight is a cold and windy night where I am and I decided to post another card in a box. I am so hooked on these things you can't believe it!
This time I am posting a step by step so you can make your own!

 This was a very special thank you note for a friend. 
She gave me a Christmas gift with beautiful tissue paper.

This is the tissue paper, which I ironed.
 Cut a piece of card stock, the color you want for your main box, in half.
 You will have a 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" piece.
Place the card stock on your score board with the 8-1/2" side butted again the top. 
Score at 2", 4", 6" and 8". 
Now flip the card stock and score 2-3/4", from top to bottom.
Fold all the scored lines except the center. 
Now cut, as in the picture above, from on edge to the center on 4 folds of the 8-1/2" side.

Trim as per the above picture. This will remove the piece for easier folding and gluing.
 This is how your piece will look after you trim it. I usually re-crease at this point.

I put extra strong double stick tape on the tab. Then gently match it up to the bottom section and firmly press them together.
 Sorry I must have shook on this photo!
 But you get the idea of how this needs to look at this point. 
You need to fold down three sides.
That is your basic card in a box. You can do whatever you like for decoration. Below you will see how I decorated mine.
  I used these templates to cut the layers for my card.
I used glue to place the tissue paper on the layers.
 This is what the card looked like before I added the "flags". The "flags" are what I call the pieces that come from the center of the card. At this point you must cut 2 pieces 3" by 1/2", I call them "supports". They should be scored 1/2" from each end and folded. Then using glue dots, glue them into the top of the bottom section of the card, on the left and right side as you look at the front of the card.
 I glued the tissue paper holly onto the card stock and cut them out.
 This is the coolest part of this card. To make the items look like they are floating in the air you take your Sissix die plastic containers and cut 1/4" strips. 
 It's time to stick the the plastic supports onto the holly pieces. You then glue dot them to the support, however you like. Make sure the glue dots are on the plastic and the "floater" but not over the edge of either or they will stick your card together and not allow it to come apart when opened.
I hope you enjoy the card and the tutorial. 
If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

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