Monday, January 9

More Starbucks...

If you follow my blog you know I love to take to-go cups and create cards.
I am going tomorrow to, hopefully, get the leftover cups from Starbucks that they will not be able to use because they are going into a new season.
So I sat today and crafted a thank you package with the cups I did have to give to the manager who is saving me the cups!

This was a vente cup with trees, got a lot of them, and the circle is from the sleeve!
This was a vente cup that I cut the snowflake from.
I used a white card stock base card and layered with a piece of patterned paper from a pad I bought at Target in their after Christmas clearance sale.
The final layer is white card stock, run through the BigKick with the RG Lumberjack Days embossing folder.
This was a grande cup with a perfect design for trimming out, layering on to white card stock and then a green card stock base card. 
The thanks I die cut from the green card stock.

This was a vente cup that, sadly, was out for a very short time before Starbucks pulled it because of controversy!
The green and white are the colors of the actual cup
I just did some layering and added the white die cut word.

This one is hard to see that it has a green piece that I layered the base card to, after I ran the front of the white base card through the BigKick with a snowflake embossing folder.
This was a vente cup that I trimmed the cottages and the Santa from.
The "moon" was cut from another cup that I didn't use that part of.

There's the trees again.
But this time I used kraft card stock for the base card with a layer of black card stock.
Next I cutt half the cup and applied it to the black.
The sleeve that I used in the above car had this saying on the other side and I decided it needed to be used.
I then took my little card punch and punched out the three hearts from the excess cups I had!
I know it's a bit crazy but I just love finding things to recycle and recreate!



Joan said...

Wonderful way to use those cups!! Love the cards - thanks for joining us at Make My Monday!

Sundaystamper said...

Sadly I didn't make it back for the rest!!! Icey weather here!

Pat said...

Recycling at its best. Thanks for sharing with Make My Monday.

Sundaystamper said...

This I can recycle...but peanut butter jars by getting out the contents...

Cazro said...

A cool winter card, re-cycling is fun. Thanks for sharing with us at Make My Monday. Caz DT

Sundaystamper said...

Saves on new stamps too!

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