Saturday, June 14


Recently I posted about being with my
 stamping group but instead of stamping I was Zentangling...
I lied!

I was actually using this Magenta stamp

I stamped it onto a piece of white card stock and took it with me to group. 
Can you blame me??? 
This was one of those times I just didn't want to drag 5 different cases to complete 5 cards. Instead, I made my 5 donation cards ahead of time (they were my challenge cards for the week!) and stamped up a bunch of "open" images, took my pens and set out with one very light bag on my shoulder!!!

Now to where I lied...I don't think you can call it Zentangling when you stamp the image first. I also did more doodling with ideas that I thought would work in the "open" space, than following any written zentangle.

Here are a few of the results:

This, and my dear friend who is majorly hooked on Zentangle, made me want to learn more. Because I work in a library I put "holds" (that's getting books from other libraries in our system) on three wonderful Zentangle books.
The Beauty of Zentangle by Suzanne McNeil and Cindy Shepard
The Art of Zentangle by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
Zentangle Untangled by Kass Hall
Now I know there are tangles that you can use, ideas for drawing your own "open" space  and I can relax when I do it.

The "zen" part is true. I can tune out things around me when I do it.

Now to the really fun part. I have been doing a bunch of challenges lately. they are so much fun! I found the following and thought it would be perfect to use with my Zentangled tulip. 

Here's the result...

Hope you like it and you WILL see more of my Zentangling or doodling in the future.


Leanora Simmons said...

I love it you are so good...

aussie aNNie said...

Found your card on the challenge and it's the Zentangling which I think you are clever to do...I have now joined your blog and maybe you may like to join mine and my candy...cheers aNNie
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