Saturday, May 3

I have this friend...

Who is constantly entering card challenges. 
She is very good and often wins.

Lately she has been "encouraging" me to do the same!
I was really into getting published years ago, and did, however lately when I get  a card done, I'm just grateful to have it done in time for my friends to receive them.

 I have this blog and there's no reason I shouldn't share my cards here AND use them to enter some of the challenges.

There are a bunch of challenges and I figured, why not?
 So here is my entry for the:

This is a very simple card but I loved the 12x12 card stock and wanted to use some of my lime green brads!
Don't you have some patterned card stock you bought because you loved it but never used?

Here's a good way to use it!

Have fun, create and try doing the challenges...
I will be posting more!

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