Saturday, December 21

Tonight I have to apologize for a previous blog posting...

A while back I went on and on about Spectrum Noir markers. I learned a valuable lesson, try things for a while before posting!

The first thing I found a few months after purchasing the markers was that a few of them dried up. I wasn't too worried, I contacted the company and they immediately sent me new ones! They also suggested that I keep the pens in a plastic bag with air tight top.
 I did that! 
Especially because I don't use the markers frequently.
It's been about six months since I was able to sit down with them again... more dried out markers.

Now please understand, these are refillable markers, but I just don't want to place more ink into the marker when I don't use them that often. 

So... if you don't mind refilling, then these markers are still a wonderful color, inexpensive alcohol marker.

I am so burned out I probably won't buy any more alcohol markers at all!

I am very sorry if I lead you down the wrong path.

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