Sunday, February 24

Christmas card time...

for the servicemen! Believe it or not!
 I signed up through Soldier's Angels...
(if you follow my blog you'll have seen this before)

Just after Christmas they posted that they needed Christmas cards for the boxes that they send over to deployed service people for Christmas 2013.
The lady collects them through the year and has signing parties where friends come and fill out all the cards she collects.
Her first will be in March so I started making a box full of cards this weekend!
Here are the samples:

Now the interesting thing is that she sends to all people at holiday time. All my cards needed to have a holiday theme, non-specific 
e.g. Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, etc.
I still have about 30 more cards to make, in lots of 10.
Wish me luck in designing those non-specific cards.
Even if you don't want to join 
please say a pray and think of the serivce people.
And while your at it remember our first responders. They truly risk their lives every day.
Thank you! 

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