Tuesday, October 30

Sew Easy...

Yes, it was pretty easy. I bought the sew easy tool and a few heads a while back. I thought I could be cheap and use a mouse pad under neath instead of the pad made for the tool.
It's worth it to buy the pink pad. The tool just works better with it. 

I wanted to take something easy to play with to my latest stamping get together. Picked up some Sew Easy threads in assorted browns at Hobby Lobby. Threw them, the tool and heads with pink pad, into a bag with some card stock and sewing stamps. I added my 3M tape gun, foam tape and Staz-on brown and black pads. While I was at Hobby Lobby they had some brads and paper flowers on sale in the browns. I added a few pieces of patterned paper to the bag and I was ready to create!
 You will see the zig-zag stitch (ironic as treadles don't zig-zag) toward the bottom of the card. It ran perfectly with the line on the patterned paper.
If you've never tried this tool here is how I use it. I have a thick ruler that I place next to where I want the piercings from the tool, that I will sew later. I use it to keep the line straight by running the tool up against it. (Stampin Up has a tool that you can use with the roll-a-graphs that would work as well)
Place the ruler on the card stock that is on the pink mat. This is where I made my first piercings wrong. The tool needs to be even over the paper. Not too forward or backward. Apply even pressure and roll. Once pierced you sew as the directions on the packaging direct.
The above card is a larger head that makes leaves. 
The saying stamp is a great set I just found from Inky Antics.

One thing I found is that it doesn't work as well on heavier card stock.
 Patterned paper works the best! Or the same thickness in card stock.
 I hope you try this fun way to create.

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