Thursday, July 14

This challenge is a bit odd...

You will look at the card and think...REALLY!

But hear me out. I have been thinking a lot, as I am sure we all have, about what is in the paper and on the news.
Trying times to be sure.
Everyone says there is no way for things to EVER get better.

I believe that with faith in God and a positive outlook things will "grow" better.
As Ecclesiastes 3:7 says...
"A time to tear and a time to mend"
We are certainly in the tear stage at the moment. 
However we have been in the past as well and we have grown in ways to mend the future then and now. 

So if this doesn't exactly fit the theme then I am fine with it coming down. 
I just hope enough people get to read it and have hope for the future. 


Heidi Stamps said...

It is a very pretty card. What a hopeful way to think about current events.

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Wow, what a creative and inspiring way to use our challenge! I completely agree that we can grow in both our faith, and as a nation. I love your thinking and your design! Thank you so much for joining us at ODBD Shining the Light challenge this week with your beautiful creation!