Thursday, July 14

Challenge three...Ohhh Baby

I decided this did not have to be literal.

As you can see by the card below... 

I had just received the two die sets of cats
 (DIE083-K and DIE 328-G)
which lead me to look and a Mother cat and her babies.

When I was twelve I visited a farm in Pennsylvania. There had been a fire in part of the upstairs and a Mamma cat and her babies had been caught in it. Sadly Mamma didn't make it but the babies did and loved to cling to your clothing. Their little eyes weren't even open yet. They were weaned by the girl who lived at the farm and became great mousers in the barn.

Sadly I am now deathly allergic to cats but I cat still stamp and die cut them!

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Daniela Dobson said...

Adorable! What a great idea for a baby card.