Saturday, July 5

This is gonna be a long one...

but I think you will find it worthwhile.
Once again I was "playing" on the day that my friend came over.
 Found this piece of white embossed card stock, left over from a stamping class I had done at the library, in my excess drawer. 
Oh, yeah we all have them.
 Then I found this apple stamp in my Penn Yan lady* stamps!
*(see previous post) 
I wanted to see what would happen if I inked up the stamp, heavily and just set it on the "top" of the embossed card stock
I was SO excited. 
I could hardly take my eyes off it, but when I looked at the stamp I realized by using the embossed card stock I had "kissed" the ink off the image but left enough ink for another stamping. 
So I huffed and I puffed and ...
stamped it onto another piece of plain card stock!
The size was perfect for the mini card challenge on the 

The finished card!


  1. Don't you love those moments when experiments bring great results! NJ!

  2. Great card, well done :) Viv xx