Tuesday, August 27

Looking through my Stampin Up catalog...

and saw this paper bow. Decided it couldn't be that hard to make, and it isn't!!!

The following step by step instructions should allow you to make an easy paper bow for your cards. You can follow the size I made or make your own sizes and use any patterned paper or card stock you like!
First cut three strips 1/2" x 7".
 Fold one in half.
Apply a small amount of double back tape to the inside where you folded. Then bring the end to the middle and tack down.
Do the same for the other side.
Fold a second piece in half.
Tape to the back of your "bow". Using the fold to match up with the original fold.
Now grab your square punch.
Place the end of the long piece into the punch as shown above.
Then punch!
You will end up with this look.
Do both ends.
Tape down the last piece over lapping a bit to the center of the "bow".
Trim for a short piece that tapes to the back.
There you are, a finished three dimensional bow!
You can use glue instead of the tape!
See, told you it was simple!!!

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