Saturday, May 18

Have I told you how much I LOVE my Spectrum Noir lately???

Well I do!!! I love the colors and the blending and my latest "love" is their wonderful customer service.
I bought my pens not that long ago and never used the True Black until one day last week. I pulled it out and low and behold it was dry as dust!!!
I went straight to my computer and looked up the Crafters Companion site for a contact.

I emailed stating my problem and within 24 hours I had a response. Not only did they replace my pen but gave me tips on the care of them that were new since I had bought mine. Bindy, my wonderful contact at the company, was swift and efficient (and friendly). Keep in mind I work customer service and always start my emails by stating my problem to any company in a nice way.
(It's the more flies with sugar than with vinegar theory)

Here's the cards I made with my pens, they are for servicemen this Christmas, though they can only be holiday/winter cards.

The following shows the saying the best!
  I'm not a pastel light colors kind of person
 (as I'm sure you have noted in my other blog entries)
I love bold and "gotcha" types of coloring.
These markers work great for that. I'm also able to shade and blend with them!
I haven't bought any re-inkers yet but that's next on my list.

The hints for my Spectrums from Bindy were:
Store your markers horizontally. As I'm sure you have in the past with you other markers, this allows the ink to flow and keep both nibs moist.
Place your markers in a zipper lock bag so the alcohol inks don't dry out as quickly! (I out mine in right away to avoid any problems in the future) Since they are alcohol they will eventually dry out but the longer I can make them past the better!   

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