Sunday, November 18

I filled out my Christmas cards today...

However they won't be mailed until next week. But I took pictures before I enveloped them and decided to get another blog posting up.

 Not long ago I posted about Spectrum Noir...remember?
Well I went to a friend's house not long ago to stamp up some of her images and play with color, she using her Copic and me the Spectrum Noir. Amazingly the colors were just about  the same.
My joy was playing and coloring a few images I was going to donate but now will keep for one more life, the alcohol ink way.

 Blending is SO much easier and really more like when I used different media in art class in school. 
I then came home to find sayings that go with the images and background papers...check out the one below...this is going to my sewing friend. The paper is from a pack of Swedish designs I picked up from Michael's last fall and it just went perfectly with the patchwork Santa.

This little snowman didn't need much "color" but it was fun to shadow the little guy. I used a very light blue, thought it looked more "icy".

 But my favorite, hands down, is the Christmas Rose.
(For obvious reasons, that being my name!!!)
But it was PERFECT for layering color for a very rich look.
There will be more through the season, I couldn't post another of my favorites as it is a surprise to the recipient...shhhhh!!!

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Tammie said...

Ooh your Christmas cards are beautiful! Wonderfully colored, and so cute. :)