Saturday, October 13

Christmas with Spectrum Noir Markers...

After searching every where on Google for comparison's of alcohol markers, I decided to go with Spectrum Noir.
 Mainly because I can't afford the Copic. But then there were other reasons...I found that using a harder tip made coloring actually easier than a brush tip. The chisel end colored in areas faster and wetter than the brush tip. The Spectrum Noir made it easier to blend when only using one color than my water color markers.
There are down sides to using alcohol markers, though, they bleed. You have to remember not to come too close to the printed line as they will bleed over. I had to buy yet another black stamp pad, Momento, so it didn't bleed into the image. 
What I do LOVE about it are the colors, though they dry lighter than they start, they still give a bold wonderful color! AND there are tons of tutorials online. Just use your search engine and put in "Spectrum Noir" You will come across their web site, link above, as well as a bunch of instructions.
I used the white card stock you get from WalMart, as per one of the tutorials. It worked great for the above image. I haven't tried the "Ultra Smooth Premium White Card stock" that they recommend on the web site. I did find it at A.C. Moore and was able to use my 55% off coupon.
I also took my hubby and bought the sets using my 50% off and 40% off coupons at Joann ETC and A.C. Moore.The sets sell for $14.99 regularly but with the coupons they were a great price.
I have another sample to show but it has to wait until I give it to my friend who got me hooked on alcohol markers...
 bad girl!!!


larue said...

What an absolutely wonderful job you did on this darling card,

Gail said...

Hi There - I found your blog by doing a search on Spectrum Noir markers - I am glad I stopped by today. You card is adorable and what a great job on coloring as well! - I just ordered a set of these markers (I got a fantastic deal at Hallmark on line) - do you remember which Video the person mentioned Walmart Cardstock as an alternative cardstock to use with these markers or do you have the link to that Video? I am trying to locate it on You Tube but so far I have not come across it - here is my email address if you have time to send me the information or if you can send me to the you tube video. If you prefer not to email me - that is fine, I understand. Also, if you would like to visit my blog, here is my address I just started blogging in August and I am learning so much for so many - what a crafting world this is! I am now a follower of your blog. Have a great week and thanks for sharing your creations on your blog - lovely! Gail