Tuesday, September 6

Pumpkins on the septic!!!

For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook you may not have seen my posting of the fact that this year we planted pumpkins on top of our septic. It seemed like a good idea as it's the first time we realized the septic was in full sun for most of the day. However...
my eldest knows I planted pie pumpkins and now refuses to eat pumpkin pie at my house. His loss!!!
The above card is one of my favorites to do. It looks very elegant but is actually quite simple. The stamp is from Peddler's Pack. They have a bunch of beautiful stamps like this. I have the apples, pumpkins and leaves (note the fall theme!!!)
You ink up the stamp with Versamark, stamp your image on cream paper. Using q-tips and chalks, color in the image. Make sure the chalk is scraped up and loose and that the q-tip is softened.
When you finish yo can spray with a fixative...or not.
Layer and you have a gorgeous card!

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wplmom said...

So elegant looking!