Friday, July 15

Have you been to your library lately???

I work in a library and whenever I get a chance
to check out items from other libraries I do!
My latest find is
"Creating Keepsakes Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking"
On page 198 you will find a wealth of ideas for using stencils. 
The following are the cards I made and the stencil I used.
This is the stencil!
Card one is stenciled and chalked!
Card two is stenciled and lightly sanded!
Card three is stenciled and then I lightly traced
around the edge of the stencil with colored pencil!

This was only one page from a book with many ideas for scrapbooking
that can be turned into card making ideas!
Visit your local library today for more ideas and many wonderful items to help you enjoy your summer!

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