Wednesday, April 6

Collage Squared Card

Collage Squared Card with rubber stamps:

Supplies list:

Card stock 5”x 5", light color, for collage
Card stock, for main card, 11”x 5½ "
Card stock 5¾” background piece

Scraps (tissue, light weight papers, collage type)
Glue stick

Ruler (clear)

* Optional : permanent ink and rubber stamps

1. Glue, in collage style (this means all over willy nilly), all the bits of scrap papers to the 5"x5" 
    card. Tear them for a collage effect! Let papers go off the edge of the main paper. Allow it to
    dry a bit, trim excess off edges.
2. Flip over and measure 1" rows horizontally and vertically. Cut along these lines. You should
    have 25 pieces.
3. Fold main card in half.  Mix up 1” squares and glue to front of card starting with four corners.
    After gluing down the 4 corners apply the rest of the squares using 1/8” in between.
4. Glue main card to background piece. 

*You will note that on the two examples I have stamped images (leaf ). I did this with a permanent ink before cutting the squares.*

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lynda said...

WELCOME to the world of blogging, Arlene!!! How exciting....I'm so glad you're on! Great first card and technique. I love collage, so this is right up my alley! I'm proud to you, my friend. Can't wait to see all you have up your sleeve!