Saturday, December 2

Time to make gift card holders...

Once my Christmas cards are sent out I concentrate on gift card holders.
My kids and their family don't get the "gifts" any longer as they know what they want and we don't (I have men).
I buy  for the Granddaughter but card s are great for the sons and daughter-in-law.
This year they are all getting at least one card from a coffee place so I found the instructions for this card at the following...

I won't go into all the instructions as they are better on the above link than I can explain, but I will add the following notes that made it easier for me.

1.We have Prime so this is the link to the cups, lids and stirrers...

2. I used 110# card stock for the base and card holder.

3. Measure and trim extra times!

4. The patterned paper is lightweight.

5. Place the gift card into the gift card holder before you glue down the sides.

I hope to be doing more holders over the next few weeks.

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