Tuesday, July 18

This card started out so different...

I had this idea of a mason jar filled with little shellfish...
didn't work.
Have you ever had that happen?
You are so sure an idea is perfect but when it comes to the execution...not so much.
Instead I went with a white card stock base card with a layer of this great, wavy patterned paper that reminds me of the lake with the sun shining on it, allowing all the colors to show.
The bottom "beach" is kraft paper die cut using Lawn Fawn's"stitched mountain borders".
I stamped the "happy birthday" from Lawn Fawn's "how you bean?" and the verse from Lawn Fawn's "year six" using StazOn jet black ink.
On another piece of white card stock I stamped the shellfish from Lawn Fawn's "year six" using the StazOn ink and colored it using Crayola and Artist Loft pencils.
I trimmed out the shellfish and glued it to the front of the card.


Nancy K said...

Love this seriously cheerful card! Plan B turned out perfectly! I'm so happy you joined the fun at Lawn Fawnatics!

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