Wednesday, July 6

It's another 30 day color challenge!

My friend lynda Paperarts Cafe
sent me the link to "encourage" me to join the challenge again. 
Wasn't sure I really wanted to at 9 o'clock last night but felt different this AM.

I bought the above brushes in a set from Target for $5.99.
 I figured they would work well for stenciling.
 They didn't.

So I went back to my stash and found my Stippling brushes from various dealers.
 Like the look and very easy to use.

However...these brushes known as "Color Dusters" from JudiKins are the best.
 They have a very soft color and you only need enough for the primary colors.

So this is my post for yesterday which was the first day of the...


Nan G said...

Nice soft stencil-ing. I'm using big fat kids paint brushes to do stencil-ing. They look very similar to the Clarity stencil brushes that cost a fortune. My paint brushes were cheap. Hope you continue to participate.

Rushd Lady said...

I also use the big kindergarten size kid's paintbrushes. The stencil pattern you chose to use for the background is very nice.

Sundaystamper said...

I love cheap!